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Super Bowl Fundraiser
by posted 01/24/2021

16u Rangers-
Following up on our previous email........ each player is responsible to sell (or buy) 4 boxes in our Super Bowl Box Pool Fundraiser. These boxes are numbered from 1 to 100.  Each box costs $25, so each player will hand in $100 total.  When you hand in the money please put it in a sealed envelope, on the outside of the envelope please write your last name and Rangers team, along with your 4 box numbers and names to match up to each box number.  If only 1 name is listed we'll put that name in all 4 boxes. If you've sold boxes to different people, make sure to list their name next to their specific box number.
The $100 is due by 4:00 pm on Saturday February 6th at All Star in Brookfield and must be paid in cash.  We apologize to anyone who prefers check or credit card, but the money is paid out to the winners in cash.
The numbers (to match the Super Bowl score) will be drawn on Saturday evening February 6th and be posted to our website by early afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday February 7th.  Anyone who buys a box from you should be told their pool letter and box # so they can go to our site and see their box and corresponding numbers well before the game begins.
This is a 50/50 pool, meaning half of what is collected goes to the CT Rangers program as a fundraiser and half is paid out to the winners.  Prizes will be paid out as follows: 
1st Quarter score: $100
Halftime score:      $300
3rd Quarter score: $100
Final score:            $750
*Please note that if the game goes into overtime the final score is paid, not the 4th quarter score !!!
Anyone who doesn't understand how a box pool works please click on the link pasted at the bottom of this email.  It gives a general description on how the boxes are set up.  Please remember that the numbers to complete the pool (which correspond to the game's score) will be drawn randomly the day before the game. You are assigned 4 specific boxes on the pool to sell, you can't pick your favorite number.  If you need further explanation or don't understand something please see one of us at All Star or give us a call so we can explain.  
There will be 3 separate pools for the CT Rangers organization so please take note (and let buyers know) of which pool you're in.  The 3 pools will be lettered as: Pool A, Pool B, Pool C.
Below you'll see your Pool Letter, last name and the 4 box numbers you'll be selling.   
Pool B:
Bennett: 14, 38, 62, 86
Carruth: 15, 39, 63, 87
Chnowski: 16, 40, 64, 88
Coloneri: 17, 41, 65, 89
Coster: 18, 42, 66, 90
Fairchild: 19, 43, 67, 91
Grauert: 20, 44, 68, 92
Gustas: 21, 45, 69, 93
Morehouse: 22, 46, 70, 94
J. Pawlowski: 23, 47, 71, 95
S. Pawlowski: 24, 48, 72, 96
Skorewicz: 25, 49, 73, 97

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